Mindful Minds MindUp class by Lama Ahmed

Mindful Minds MindUp class by Lama Ahmed

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How can we expect our little ones to learn about the world when they haven’t acquired enough knowledge about themselves such as, their breath, brain, body and how they all function?

Teaching mindfulness and brain science is important to enable children to have agency over their own brain by understanding how their brain works. Children must access the one thing that can help them learn until they understand how it works leading to academic success in the future.

During the Mindful Minds MindUp class your little ones will learn about mindfulness in a simplified way, through movement, reading, and mindfulness exercises to widen their horizons.

This workshop will cover:

- Interactive reading of the Grumpy Monkey book

- Mindful movement

- Mindful breathing exercises to help regulate emotions ('bubble' breathing, ‘bear' breathing and 'flower breathing')

- Exploring emotions in our ‘safe feelings circle’ where little ones will learn how to identify and express their feelings and draw them in a safe environment

- Interactive experiment with 2 exercises ‘Happy Glasses’ & ‘Mind matters’.


This workshop has two different options:

Option 1: Workshop only (this option does not include individual experiments for your child to take home from the workshop. Your child will work in a group and enjoy the experiment outcome during the workshop).

Price: KD 35

Option 2: Workshop + unique experiments to take home (this option includes individual unique experiments for your child to take home with them after the workshop. Your child will receive their own individual experiment and take it home after the workshop).

Price: KD 60

We look forward to welcoming your little ones & their friends to Mindful Minds MindUp class by Lama Ahmed on Saturday 19th November from 11am - 2pm at Bamboo Preschool, Shaab.