The Good Enough Parent by Dr. Sara AlSayed

The Good Enough Parent by Dr. Sara AlSayed

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Your child’s attachment style is highly influenced by the quality of your relationship with them and the approach you choose to apply as a parent. They will carry this attachment style into adulthood and it will determine many of their cognitive and emotional skills as well as behavioural patterns.
Come and learn about the many benefits of being a ‘Good Enough Parent’ through the lens of different psychological theories.

In this workshop lead by Dr. Sara AlSayed, a counselling psychologist, you will learn:
- The different types of attachment styles and what influences them
- The benefits of being a ‘good enough parent’
- The disadvantages of ‘over-parenting’
- Understanding how our own fears as adults can impact our parenting choices ‘Am I protecting my child or projecting my anxiety?’
- Parenting styles from a psychological perspective 

Seminar details:

Date: October 17th 2022
Time: 4pm - 7pm
Venue: Bamboo Preschool, Shaab